No Cabin Fresh Air with pics... Help

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Re: No Cabin Fresh Air with pics... Help

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Here's a pic of the FADCU with the heater box outside of the car. Figured this may help someone. I wish I had seen this thread yesterday.

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Re: No Cabin Fresh Air with pics... Help

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Bumping this a bit. Does anyone know any "tricks" for reinstalling the FADCU? FA should not stand for fresh is the acronim I've given to the germans who came up with this lame design. When I pulled th edash from my project M%, I realized that somebody had been in trying to fix the heater/AC and did waaaay more damage than good. The FADCU appears to work, but it has been completely removed and the screws were missing. I have obtained the needed 2.5m x10mm screws, but damn it is tight under there. Funny thing. I lost a screw trying to attach it, but when I banged on the box to try to shake it out, one of the original screws dropped out.

The right-most screw is easy, the top screw is a PITA and the leftmost screw is absolutely impossible to manuever into place and then screw in. Do I have to remove the whole box to get this thing installed correctly????
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Re: No Cabin Fresh Air with pics... Help

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Good Thread. Thanks to all contributors
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