Issue with my BMW E28 5 Series

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Issue with my BMW E28 5 Series

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I have BMW E28 5 Series which has shown some major problems recently. The symptoms are as follows
Full foot on the accelerator and literally nothing happens!! There doesn’t seem to be any power what so ever?? You do see the revs trying to build up but ever so slowly. It takes about 20-30 secs before it reaches 3k. But once it goes above 3k rpm the power seems to surge back into life. Basically, when we're under 3k rpm nothing really happens. undertale yellow
I really need to keep the revs in the 3k range, otherwise the car really struggles to get anywhere.
Also during a cold start it sometimes really struggles to rev when idle.
Full foot on gas and it sits at 1100rpm.....eventually it slowly revs up the full range.

Do you know which is this problem? How to solve this problem.
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Re: Issue with my BMW E28 5 Series

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Just to confirm are you asking about a 524td? This specific spot is for diesel stuff. If not we can ask one of the mods to move it where it belongs.

but if it is a diesel, have you checked to see if the turbo spins? With the engine off, pull the boot between the air cleaner and the turbo off and see if the turbo spins and doesn't have extreme amounts of slop. If its jammed it will not make useful power. Another thing that makes it perform horribly is loss of vacuum or boost to the boost compensator on the injection pump. The rubber lines are all pretty old and having one fall apart wouldn't be surprising. A jammed open waste gate or the waste gate retaining ring falling off will do it too. The arm on the gate has to be in the hole on the actuator arm, and there is supposed to be an E ring holding it together. If it falls off the waste gate hangs open and it makes no boost at low rpm.
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