Complete M5 Trunk carpet kit

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Complete M5 Trunk carpet kit

Post by BenGerman »

Finally made the decision to sell the complete M5 trunk carpet kit.

All pieces as seen in the pictures included. Best set I’ve had out of the 3 sets I went through.

The only two issues I’m aware of:

- the drivers side cover with the lid needs the cardboard backing redone
- the rear seat cover has 4 little holes from an amp in it.


The last set I sold went for $2000 and was in shape C-.
Let’s start this at $4000 OBO.

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Re: Complete M5 Trunk carpet kit

Post by gray635 »


I am interested in the set. But not at $4K.

Can you post photos of the back side of the tail light panel, the battery box cover and the trunk mat? The condition of the trunk mat is hard to discern from the photo. Is it stained or worn in any way?

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Re: Complete M5 Trunk carpet kit

Post by dbenson »

I be in too, but not at 2K.

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Re: Complete M5 Trunk carpet kit

Post by socalM5 »

The last set on ebay went for 2500 and that was years ago. Extremely hard to find as a complete set. GLWS
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