How do I post pictures or links?

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How do I post pictures or links?

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Contributed by: Booker

OK, here is my stab at solving the picture posting problems.

This is meant to help all, so if it's remedial to some, sorry!

Oh, and all of this applies to PC users, only. I don’t know how you Mac guys get along with only one mouse button! ;)

The first thing you need to do to post a picture here, is to have that picture hosted on the web somewhere. You can not post a picture if it is located on your hard drive. There are many websites that offer free web hosting. Places like Cardomain, Villagephotos, etc. Here is a Google search for websites that offer free image hosting. Also keep in mind that many Internet suppliers offer up to 70 meg of free space along with your account.

Once you have the image hosted on the internet, you must obtain the exact URL for that picture. The easiest way to get the URL is to right click on the picture. This will bring up a menu. Click on “Properties”. There will be a line that says: “URL”. Highlight (place the cursor in front of the command, click and sweep over the command, let go) the entire URL, right click and “Copy”. Now you have the URL of the picture. To verify this, you can right click and paste the URL into the address line of your browser. It should come up as a single image, with no buttons or clicky things. Just a single picture on a white background.

Now, you come to post a message. What you want to do, is click the “Img” button directly above the message box. It will bring up a command like this: “[img]”%20(without%20the%20quotes).%20You%20then%20place%20the%20cursor%20after%20the%20bracket,%20right%20click,%20and%20paste.%20Then%20click%20Img*%20at%20the%20top.%20%20This%20will%20insert%20a[/img] tag. There should be no spaces anywhere when you're done.

A funny thing is that when you click on the Image button (or any other command), it will bring up the command at the bottom of the message. What you want to do then, is place your URL in the command, just like before, and then highlight it and drag it (click on it, hold it, and move it) to where you want it in the message.

The same works for all the commands, Italic, Bold, Underline, etc.

As for links to other sites, you can do this:, or you can display a URL like this: ebay. To do the first, use [ URL][ /URL] (without the spaces). To do the second, do it this way: [ URL=]ebay[ /URL] Again, without the spaces. This is ESPECIALLY important when posting long URLs. Nobody wants to have to continually side scroll to read a thread.

Now, a note about image size. A 800x600 pixel image is the max size I would suggest for posting to this board. Any larger, and the messages will get elongated, causing everyone to scroll side to side to read a message. This does not apply to the “Eye Candy” section of the board, where large pics are welcome. A very easy way to resize large images is the Microsoft Image Resizer

A very important note: Make sure the "Disable HTML in this post" is UNchecked before you post. Also, the "preview" function is your friend. Look at your message before you post it! If something isn't right, fix it!

I hope this helps. :D