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New account activation help!

Post by JeffBee »

Hey gang -- quite a few years ago I had an active account here ( that I was hoping to make use of again, but I can neither reset the password for it, as I never receive the reset email, nor can I create a new account with that same email address due to an account supposedly already existing for it. Could someone in the admin group help me out? As a workaround, I also created a new account (username: thebee), but it's been several days and the account is still inactive.

I'm happy using either the old account or the new one. Whichever is easiest to get working will be fine!

Thanks so much!
Shawn D.
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Re: New account activation help!

Post by Shawn D. »

Hey JeffBee,

Sorry for the extremely delayed reply. I'm working on it!

- Shawn
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