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Report a spammer

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Dealing with some spam issues today, I had an idea (look out now).

As you should all know, you should never respond to a spammer, much less QUOTE them. The reason is simple. When we go in to do "cleanup" and remove the spam account/post/content, having to deal with cleaning up the replies piles on additional work for us. This is all volunteer work, so reducing our workload benefits everyone.

Spam does happen, however. In light of this, here's the most effective way for you to help us deal with it. When you see what you believe to be a spam post, right click the "profile" button under that user's post, then click "Copy Link Location" (FireFox), "Copy shortcut" (Internet Explorer), "Copy link address" (Chrome), or whatever the equivalent in your browser of choice happens to be.

Paste that url into a response in this thread, hit Submit, and you're done.

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Re: Report a spammer

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