BBS Lower Replica Spoiler - Fiber Glass Pics

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BBS Lower Replica Spoiler - Fiber Glass Pics

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Hello , I though I would share these pictures with you e28 gear heads ..I made a bold purchase on Ebay on a Replica BBS spoiler .. To make a long story short I had A replica Alpina spoiler but I didn't like, I thought it looked like a Canadian snow plow - (My opinion only ) Its OK I have Canadian citizenship.

So, I took a gamble on the ebay ( FIBERGLASS- shipped from ESTONIA ) BBS front spoiler and thought I would get a call from the body shop saying this is crap and we can not fit it. To the contrary, to my surprise it turned out better than I expected. I really like the BBS parallel lines they match the grill lines and gives a better than OEM look.

I will post more pictures later on. My cars front bumper is lower than my lowered S2000 with H&R coil over suspension.

Note: One draw back is you no longer have access to the tow hooks

Image5E889BA9-20C4-47FC-A76E-86C98269E0A4 by El_Navigante, on Flickr[/img]

ImageD0D0B9A0-6313-480E-9C31-8164551F7255 by El_Navigante, on Flickr[/img]

ImageF31B5788-E0BC-4D36-9507-3280577947DE by El_Navigante, on Flickr[/img]

ImageDD40BECD-1647-45D7-B91B-FF54B0223C76 by El_Navigante, on Flickr[/img]

[imgImage7B1B1C50-1870-4F96-89A7-E6287B084DC7 by El_Navigante, on Flickr][/img]
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Re: BBS Lower Replica Spoiler - Fiber Glass Pics

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Very nice! Car looks outstanding.
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Re: BBS Lower Replica Spoiler - Fiber Glass Pics

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Yes, the paint job's been taken care of, I see. The shine is just absolute eye candy.
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