Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Discussion pertaining to positive pressure E28s.
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by bornagain »

Im late to the party and havent been on the boards for a while, but....

1983 533i custom turbo setup, garrett gt3571 ms2x air intercooler 18x12x3 60lbs injectors 3"exhaust

1987 325is m30b32 swap, O-ringed, head studs, bullseye performance borg warner s366 turbo, MS3X air intercooled 80lbs injectors 4" exhaust, 625cc W/M

theres way more to list for both but you get the idea.

the 5 series runs 6.5psi boost it was running more but clutch slip and me being a cheap as didnt wanna change it, so boost went down.

The 3 series is running 14psi right now but is built for 28psi last tranny i melted doing a pull(shitty original tranny to be honest though, 260/5 out of 533i donor car with 48*,*** something kms) hoping for over 600whp
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by Evil-E »

Guess I better add mine as well.

Had my car a couple of months and have been doing a ton of work to it trying to get bugs sorted out and finding more and more stuff worn out or just plain broken. The DME had corrosion inside of it and damaged/missing pins. The wastegate was worn out and had massive tears in diaphragm, turbo blown with blown oil seals, massive shaft play both up and down and back and forth - the compressor wheel is ground down from hitting the housing etc...

1987 535is Dinan Turbo (originally)
Has been changed over to MS2 now running wasted spark.
630cc EV14 injectors.
Borg-Warner T04b H3 trim with .96 A/R hotside (brand new)
TurboSmart 38mm ultra gate (brand new)
Knockoff TiAl 50mm blowoff.
3" mandrel bent turbo back exhaust with single magnaflow.
eBay front mount (going bigger soon)

In the process of ironing out my settings and VE map in Tuner Studio and hoping to get it dyno tuned by the end of summer (fingers crossed).
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by DangerWillRbnsn »

Finally finishing mine off, after sitting on all my TCD parts for over a year.

1987 535is. G265 swapped in place of the auto, 3.73 LSD, MS1, TCD manifold and turbocharger, Tial 38 WG, Synapse BOV, running a FMIC and 2.5" I/C piping. 3" mandrel bent exhaust straight through to a Flowmaster muffler, and jet hot.coated.
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by alpinaguy »

Sean McCarthy 1985 535i Dinan Turbo
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by greymarket »

FYI: Trevordog91 sold his '89 e24 a few months back. Unknown new owner.
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by Chavezworks »

Hi just thought i would add mine on here!


Image20150131_134228_1 by chavezworks[/img]


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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by Hffvdbl »

I probably should add mine to the list. As Mike Holtmeier decided to go in a different direction with his car I purchased pretty much everything from his system. As I have worked to install the TCD system on the car I have delved into repairing and refreshing the mechanicals on this 28 year old car.
-Head completely rebuilt
-Engine rebuilt- new rings, main bearings, rod bearings.
-block decked
-MLS headgasket
-ARP Head studs
-60lb bosch injectors
-wasted spark
-Stage IV TCD turbo
-TCD Stage 1 clutch
-Mike Holtmeier custom 3" Magnaflow exhaust
-3.25 lsd (new diff mount)
new transmission mounts
-new rear axle shafts
-driveshaft completely refreshed and balanced (new CSB)

more details here:
http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=7& ... 5#p1319896
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by tschultz »

My 633CSi Callaway Turbo is up and running @ 10psi.

9/82 633CSi Chassis
M30B34 swap
G265/6 with 633 flywheel and M5/M6 clutch
Callaway Turbo Kit (Rotomaster turbo .48 A/R, 2" charge piping, Callaway Intercooler, Rotomaster wastegate)
Callaway Microfueler removed, BEGI 2025 and 24lb injectors used in replacement
TCD 059 Turbo chip
Walbro GSL392 external fuel pump
E32/E34 Big Brake upgrade

TCD T04e turbo next item to be installed, which should give me big gains since the rotomaster is horribly undersized.




See my project thread with page 4/5 with some video at the track and recent photos.

EDIT: 6/2018

Found out the old rotomaster was just a bit coked up and was actually maybe a bit oversized, hence the major lag when coupled with the Motronic setup.

Now an e28 turbo. Parts swapped into a 1988 535is
TCD (COMP) Turbo
TCD Log manifold
TCD downpipe
Custom piping/intercooler setup
Megasquirt 2 with 33# injectors. 6psi while tuning in the summer, adjusting for barometric changes and ambient air changes in temp.

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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by vitapiubella »

Kevin here, with a (new to me) 1985 535i DINAN Turbo, Alpine White on Llama
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by JoeLoco »


I'm new to the forum. Joined for info about my 84, e24 M635csi (m88).

Full Stg 3 Dinan Turbo M635csi. Engine and turbo system intalled at Dinan, along with suspension and big brake kit.

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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by flywheel86 »

1987 535is, LS V8 Swap, Borg-Warner S475 (w/ 83mm wheel), Custom Cam, Ported heads, BBK Intake, Stand Alone Harness / ECU.
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by T_C_D »

flywheel86 wrote:1987 535is, LS V8 Swap, Borg-Warner S475 (w/ 83mm wheel), Custom Cam, Ported heads, BBK Intake, Stand Alone Harness / ECU.
Have you driven the car yet? The BBK intake won't hold any boost. It'll leak on the bottom plate.
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by austin8753 »

Late to the party, but here I am anyway...

1988 M5 - 2791066

Shipped straight to Dinan when new for a full turbocharger kit and engine work, consisting of the following...

Schrick cams
Forged internals
Atlas (per the previous owner) racing pistons
Bored .30 over (which I believe puts it just under 3.6 liter)

Due to a series of events before my ownership, a lot of the Dinan setup is no longer on the car. It now runs on MS3, wasted spark with GM coils, newer Garrett ball bearing turbo, TiAl 10lb wastegate, turboXS BOV. We estimate the car to make about 550whp. Won't know for sure until the tune is finalized. Sure is a lot of fun to drive. Definitely a project...
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by bbaxter »

So do you only recognize boost in your E28 club if it comes from a turbo ?
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Re: Turbo e28/e24/e23 database

Post by Jeremy »

bbaxter wrote:So do you only recognize boost in your E28 club if it comes from a turbo ?
Of course not. The lack of posts regarding anything other than turbos is simply due to turbo setups being far more common than anything else.
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