E28 Megasquirt FAQ

Discussion pertaining to positive pressure E28s.
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Re: E28 Megasquirt FAQ

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Which MS are you running and what firmware?

I'm seeing similar tuning irregularities after installing 1.5.2 firmware. Also having a vastly different air pump at the other end doesn't make for a straight comparison though.
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Re: E28 Megasquirt FAQ

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It is MS2 with 3.4.4 firmware if I remember correctly. I have no idea what I was running last time around back in the late 2000's but I'm sure it was different.

No dice on a one shot cold start this morning, the first crank was pitiful but it came to life on the second one. I am going to try flattening the cranking pulsewidth curve below 32F. It's interesting how it can be so good at 33.5 degrees and so bad at 20 something.
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