Best timing setting for turbo M30b34??!!??

Discussion pertaining to positive pressure E28s.
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Best timing setting for turbo M30b34??!!??

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So, I’m planning to connect the mega squirt system this weekend and wanted to know what was the best timing… I’ve been told in reference to the 60-2 ignition wheel that I got form e28 goodies and mounted to my vibration damperlike instructed in their instructions: “ I suggest first tooth after gap at about 82 degrees” The person wasn’t totally sure and I wanted to touch bases and see if anyone out here was more sure or could confirm or suggest. Please help!?! Thanks in advance!!! See what I did there…. :oops: :laugh: :cool:
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Re: Best timing setting for turbo M30b34??!!??

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I'm running old megatune software. My settings are 20 skip teeth, 14 delay teeth. I also have an old style dizzy, so I can adjust with timing light. I'm not sure if this helps
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