megasquirt and m30b35 60-2 vr pickup

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megasquirt and m30b35 60-2 vr pickup

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I've sucessfully gotten my m106 to run using the 60-2 setup from an m30b35, but I'm having high rpm breakup. I've installed an 10k resistor in line, and played with the pots r52 and r56. I've got the vr pickup set at .020" clearance. Previously, I had it set at .030", but couldn't get it to stay running at idle, so I set it closer. Now it breaks up at 4500 rpm. IAny help appreciated
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Re: megasquirt and m30b35 60-2 vr pickup

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A couple ideas. Verify continuity between the shielded cable sheathing and the grounded end. Can't recall which side. Also you might trace for possible RF interference produced by your ignition setup.
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