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gt35/t4 for m106 ?

Posted: Apr 07, 2021 7:22 PM
by marc79euro645
I want more from my m106. My current 745 setup runs good, and seems to be solid.
I'm using MS2,
60# injectors from TCD
manual boost controller with m102(early) waste gate (cranked shut)
3" exhaust
I could do the kkk27 upgrade, but I'm tempted by the prices of the cheap ebay turbos.
I'm looking at this one ... Sw92RbH3zo
My goal would be 400 hp/400tq at wheels.
I would be notching the t4 bolt holes to bolt to the 745 manifold. I also will do some porting on the manifold.

What do you think of the t4 a/r of .82 for street driving?

Re: gt35/t4 for m106 ?

Posted: Apr 12, 2021 7:02 PM
by marc79euro645
Well, I ordered an .68 t4, gt35 ebay turbo. This one has a 66mm inducer on the compressor, so it's a little big. I hope the .68 turbine housing will get it spooling. Turbine wheel is 74/64mm, which is close to my kkk27 at 76/64, so hopefully the turbine won't be a choke point. I'll report back once I get it installed.