535is Turbo (ex 633 Callaway)- 2020 Update

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Re: 535is Turbo (ex 633 Callaway)- 2020 Update

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Thanks Charlie!
Ken, it was great to see yo' momma out on the mountain. :moon: :rofl:

I didn't get any driving videos unfortunately but maybe can come up with some later this year. My borther got a bit of me running down the mountain pulling away from the E39 M5 which was no surprise with the weight difference. But boost in those cool temps sure felt great!

I did forget to mention the week before the trip the car stalled out on me in front of my house and would not restart. It turned out that the coil went bad and had failed. It was also the source of the slight misfire I described above. I had checked the plugs and they looked good so I had been thinking of Wasted Spark. For my low boost setting, no need so far. The (used) replacement did just fine as I understand they rarely fail. Surprising that it failed, but otherwise smooth sailing. Deciding if I want to buy new or just a cheaper used unit that will work just fine.

A couple more photos.

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