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Posted: May 14, 2022 9:09 AM
by Syndrome
Hello. I have two M5s, one an E28 (subject of my restoration), and the other an E34. I’m getting the E28 back to roadworthiness and am looking at putting together the exhaust. As mentioned in another thread, someone stole the catalytic converter from the E28. As a temporary fix, would the E34 catalytic converter fit on the E28? Also, without an oxygen sensor, would the car start? I’m guessing it will, but I want to have a clue what to expect. I just finished installing new speed and reference sensors, which I hope was the cause for my no-start thus far. Thank you!

Re: Cat

Posted: May 17, 2022 2:12 AM
by tylerrose
I can’t answer the e34 question, unfortunately, but your car will start and run without an oxygen sensor. Lambda input is ignored at cold start (open loop)


Re: Cat

Posted: May 17, 2022 5:06 AM
by Syndrome