e28 m5 suspension

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e28 m5 suspension

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Hi All
posted this in the tech section with no joy, probably best suited here...

Hope you are all well.
Have a few questions regarding the standard suspension setup on my E28 M5, european.
I have what I think is standard BMW front suspension and Bilsteins on the back (yellow), not sure about the springs. Have taken some photos

Could someone tell me what these springs and shocks are and are they the standard ones?
Also my front suspension is crashing over bumps when going above 50mph. I am thinking that the spring are no good and wonder what the experience with this problem is. All the bushes have been changed recently.

Also want to lower the front suspension about 20mm as for the moment I am four fingers above the tires. any sujestions for replacement after market shocks and springs? Have seen a guy in Canada on youtube use the autofortune suspensions? any thoughts or experience with this set up.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuOaVKt ... uH&index=3

thanks in advance
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Re: e28 m5 suspension

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If it is a Euro M5 then the springs are unique to this car and the M635csi. The front are the same diameter as the standard e28. The rear are a larger diameter to standard e28.
Cars up to 1986 had bilstein dampers. After sept.86 they changed to Boge. The bilsteins were harder riding. A damaged damper can give an already harsh ride an even harsher response to bumps.
You can fit standard e28 to the front and rear but you need to fit the standard e28 rear mount which is for the smaller diameter spring.
You then no longer have M5 suspension.
From the picture the rear dampers are not original BMW but aftermarket Bilsteins. Possibly standard e28, the part number will tell you what you have.
The front inserts could have been changed as well.
BMW should still have original parts available.
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