Rear spare cover

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Rear spare cover

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This might be the same in all 5 series, not sure so posting here. What's the spare supposed to look like? I'm trying to secure it and also have the trim sit correctly. I cut and painted a thicker piece of wood to replace the old broken one (couldn't find a color that was close to original and ended up with something much lighter), I was thinking a new piece that wasn't sagging would fit over the nut used to secure the wheel, but it won't sit at the right height with the nut there. Was it not secured from the factory? Were the pads on the original trim piece thick enough to account for this? Mine never had them, but I can see what looks like a few rectangles of old foam along the bottom rim of the old piece.

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Re: Rear spare cover

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Yes, there are small rectangles of foam rubber that supports the cover and prevents it from sagging.
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