M5 "Makeover" (Photo Heavy!)

Specific conversations and info for the BMW E28 M5 and M535i.
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M5 "Makeover" (Photo Heavy!)

Post by Tifoso »

I purchased one of my dream cars, a euro-ized E28 M5, last fall. While the car was well maintained by its prior owners, as I enjoyed the car over the first couple of months, I kept a running list of all of the things I wanted corrected to bring the car to that "next level" - both mechanically and cosmetically. Thanks to Mario Langsten and his expert crew at VSR, the transformation is now complete! The car looks and drives like an absolute dream....

Here are some before and after photos.


Started with a nice euro look, H&R springs:


Lots of rock chips in the front valance, hood, and quarter panels:


Rear valance was a bit of a mess:



Overall view - including new Fikse wheels, spax springs:


Hood, front quarter panels, and valance all expertly re-painted:


Rear valance completely stripped and re-finished, painted to match body color. I know it's not "stock," but it looks incredible, and really helps to "balance" the look of the car:




All business:



Interior shots, including Mtech II wheel, new audio system with Nakamichi head unit, euro cloth:





One last shot:

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Post by S38Mike »

Looks sharp dude! I dig the Fikse's.
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Post by Jelmer538i »

Very, vey nice and shiny! You guys are lucky with all those Swart E28s!
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Post by gray635 »

Isn't this Brooks Robinson's old car? Seem to recall the cloth interior in his car.

Looks very nice. Congrats on good job! :alright: :alright:
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Post by rcbmw »

gray635 wrote:Isn't this Brooks Robinson's old car?
Yes, its 2875331.

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Post by elcinco »


whats the specs on wheels/tires and suspension?
Jeff B.
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Post by Jeff B. »

The car looks great! I'm sure it drives as good as it looks.

Nice work on refreshing the M5.
Kyle in NO
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Post by Kyle in NO »

What a fabulous M5! I really like what you have done.
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Post by Tifoso »

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm really thrilled with how she turned out.

This is indeed Brooks Robinson's former M5.

To answer the questions about suspension and wheel specs:

Suspension is Bilstein Sports with Spax springs, all worn bushings replaced, front and rear Mason strut bars.

Wheels are 17 x 8.5. Fikse spec'd an offset of ET13. Turns out that is too aggressive for a lowered car. Oops. Even with 225/45s, I was rubbing in the rear. Additional fender rolling did the trick, and there are no longer any rubbing issues, even with folks in the back seat. In retrospect, I could've gone with an 8" instead of 8.5" width, same offset, to save me some trouble.... But it's fun to push the envelope once in a while.
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Post by 5280 JB »

Dayum..........that looks great! You've taken an already great looking car and escalated it up to the next level. :alright:

Well done sir, well done.

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Post by mooseheadm5 »

Looks fantastic!
Karl Grau
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Post by Karl Grau »

I love it, good work! :alright:
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Post by TurboChris »

Looking great! Get a new Radiator reservoir in that engine compartment tho, they're only like $35!

Edit: Whoops, they're more like $116.00 I was thinking of the Washer bottle.
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Post by wkohler »

That's a beautiful car. Congrats.
M. Holtmeier
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Post by M. Holtmeier »

Wow, very nice. :)
Mark in Toronto
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Post by Mark in Toronto »

Heino is very impressed with the attention to detail. And the cloth seats are killer!
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Post by Mab1957 »

Very nice. :up: Good to have you join this circus. Will we see you at PVGP or maybe O'Fest/5erFest? :roundel:
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Post by 1st 5er »

Love me some cloth seats, beautiful car.
Dinan e28
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Post by Dinan e28 »

Very nice indeed. The fisks and cloth seats make it more individual.
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Post by 1st 5er »

TurboChris wrote:Looking great! Get a new Radiator reservoir in that engine compartment tho, they're only like $116.00!
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Post by Hilda »

Great work on a great ride,nothing like that black schwarz.
Retro Rust
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Post by Retro Rust »

Nice car man. Its examples like these that make me want to euro-ize mine.
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Post by MicahO »

Beautiful! This car was in some ways inspirational for my own changes. I do love a Euro-ed car with cloth!
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Post by Devinder »

great choice of wheels. just when you think you've seen all the combinations of wheels and trim ...
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Post by mallex »

simply gorgeous, the M-tech 2 completes the look beautifully ;)
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