M5 service manual

Specific conversations and info for the BMW E28 M5 and M535i.
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M5 service manual

Post by milarsky »

Greetings all. I know this has been discussed at length, but I am wondering if anything has changed. Does anyone have a copy or pdf file of the official M5 service manual that details things like engine service, valve timing, tuning, suspension, differential, and all things specifically M5?

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Re: M5 service manual

Post by RobertRO »

Check the link below:

It's for the E24 6 Series, but a lot of information is applicable to the E28 M5.
The English language branch ("Repair Manual") contains slightly less information than the German language one ("Reparaturanleitung").
In the "Main Groups" -> "11 - Engine section", the entries without an "a" (e.g. 11 12 100 - Cylinder head - removing and installing) refer to the M30 engine, while those with an "a" (e.g. 11 12 100 a - Cylinder head - remove and install) refer to the M88 / S38 engine.
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Re: M5 service manual

Post by jdb »

I have not seen a copy of the "construction groups" (as of 1985) manual online
This is for the repairs for Engine, Transmission, Differential as it was way more in depth for overhaul and real repair work.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?? might someone know where to find a copy??

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Re: M5 service manual

Post by RMP »

To answer the original question, I checked the original owner's manual in my M5 and these service items were not specifically mentioned for the M5. I also checked the Service booklet that came with it, there's a detailed check list for the dealer in preparation to first sell the M5, and the "normal" Level I and Level II service intervals to be checked items are listed. This booklet had no M5 specific items. I'm owner #2 and owner #1's notes in the Service booklet include the spark plugs and valves checks that we have heard or been told by BMW dealer mechanics: at 15K miles.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Roger
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