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Specific conversations and info for the BMW E28 M5 and M535i.
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Renewed Member M5

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My M5 was purchased with 71k miles in 1991, I had to retire it in 2003 w/157k miles (many reasons). No mods, nearly all original, no rust perf. Now it has finally been retrieved from storage and research for restoration is beginning. I will just getting it running again first, but having to relearn part vendors and forums with information for the recovery/restoration. Locating parts for the cam follower inspection and/or replacement will be an early priority. Parts list and sources would be a great help.

Any pointers for top restoration shops for various things like drivetrain, interior and full body/suspension and your experiences will also be appreciated.

Thousands of detail questions from (source for) silly little white nylon twist fasteners on the radiator wall to correct suspension/air filter housing paint colors and even how to restore a part and reproduce the labels on parts. There have to be a hundred companies around that specialize in these details.

My first goal is to locate a good restoration house (or 3) and go visit to see and discuss the many details and establish what the end goal should be. Even if I do some of the labor.

Looking forward to becoming a PITA around here :-)
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Re: Renewed Member M5

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I have a 88 e28 M5 too, please save the one you have. From full to partial restoration services for this M5, I'd highly recommend VSR1, Vintage Sports and Restorations in Bedford, NH. They really know this M5 completely.

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Re: Renewed Member M5

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Great news to read of the planned restoration of your beast!

VSR is the top choice. Closer to home to you in Illinois (Chicago area): The Werk Shop

I have not used the Werk Shop, but they do have an excellent reputation ... even though expensive, of course.
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Re: Renewed Member M5

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Why does such a low mile M5 need a full restoration ? Sounds to me like you should do a roller/refurb. If the paint is in good shape that's what I'd do.

The shops mentioned will certainly take your money, and it will be expensive, but is it necessary? I just asking the question :)
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