Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

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Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by Wildstoats »

Hello gents, it's been a while. I have a bunch of e28 parts from my '86 535i (and a couple of random e30 parts from a '91 318i) that must be liquidated by the end of the month.

There are too many items for me to sell individually given my availability and many of the items are too bulky for me to hassle with shipping so I'm sorry but this will be pick-up only in Bowling Green, OH (43402). I will be available the weekend of April 23rd - 25th, 2021 to meet any interested party with preference given to anyone willing to take the lot. I'm no longer local to that zip code so my ability to take additional pictures is limited but I'm happy to answer any questions. If I don't have any takers by the end of the month this stuff is likely headed to the dump so please bear that in mind.

A photo album is available here:

Notable Parts:
- Llama interior including power comfort and sport front seats as well as rear seats, door cards, armrests, etc. (no shift boot)
- Rear glass
- Front subframe
- Front struts
- Rear subframe w/ trailing arms
- Alpine White hood, trunk, passenger side doors, front fenders (all of these have some rust)
- Steering column w/ wheel (stock USDM)
- Getrag 240 trans (e30, unknown condition, assume bad)

Pictured but not for sale:
- Euro valance
- Dashboard
- S3.25 medium case diff
- Oil pan
- Shift boot
- Sun visors
- Center grill

Asking $800 for the lot.
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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by benloveless1 »

If only you were in Bowling Green, KY. :laugh: I would take it all but you’re a 10 hr trek for me. Glws
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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by kojo96 »

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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by BadM535i »

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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by Chimi-Changa »

I'd be interested in the white trunk lid if whomever buys this lot does not need.
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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by BillW in StL »

7.5 hours for the sport seats...thinking.
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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by cbumga11 »

I know you mentioned the front valance not being available should you change your mind, I'm interested.
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Re: Everything Must Go - 535i Parts

Post by ShwarzOrBust »

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