Moving Sale! 535is front spoiler

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Moving Sale! 535is front spoiler

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I have a shed full of old E28 parts that are not moving with me... would like to get them to someone who can use them rather than toss them in a dumpster. Nothing is in pristine condition but I am very flexible with the offers.

So best offer, not shipping- local pickup only, needs to go in 2 weeks (by 4/23/21).
Located in SE PA (19021)

535is spoiler, red, no mounting hardware
2 rear bumpers
5 doors (at least 2 are red, they are covered with blankets for storage)

red left front fender

box of misc bumper plastic parts
black center console part with grey carpet trim
black door panels
fan w/clutch (stored flat)
rear deck lid with speakers
gas tank
...probably more that I can't see at the moment

I also somehow have 27 tires/wheels. Various TRX, steels with ancient snow tires, and one set of E36. Any good suggestions for cheap ways to get rid of these without short dumping would be appreciated.
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Re: Moving Sale! 535is front spoiler

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