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FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Dec 07, 2020 3:45 PM
by cscracker
For anyone looking for USB charging ports that fit into the BMW switchblanks, I designed this part: ... 4&li=shops

Combine this with USB charging modules, hold together with M2 screws, connect a 12 volt power source, and there you have it. I'm not assembling these, it's a DIY solution, but it's a really simple DIY.


Some examples of the charging modules you can use with it: ... 4c4dR5jqLK ... SwJBdfuEOz

I also created a plain switchblank, to replace BMW part 1 368 498: ... -inventory


Sometimes you can find the original ones, sometimes you can't, so I made it as an alternative. The texture match isn't perfect but it's pretty good and blends in. Red, white, and blue are available too.

If you'd like a custom switchblank for some other device, I'm happy to take requests. I'm working on one for QC4.0 modules that have USB-A and USB-C ports now.

Re: FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Dec 07, 2020 5:53 PM
by jsedita74
im confused . so its 25$ for the blank alone?

Re: FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Dec 07, 2020 6:53 PM
by cscracker
Yes, the product for sale is just the plastic part. Unfortunately Shapeways' printing costs have gone up quite a bit lately so it is more than I'd like it to be, but I imagine it's due to the current global situation. I reduced it a dollar as the price went up again since I priced it.

Picture of just the plastic parts:

To assemble a complete unit, you'd need:
- One of my printed models - $24
- 3 USB modules ($3.72 for 3 of the one I linked at aliexpress)
- 2 M2x8 screws ($3.29 for 10 on amazon)
- Some wire, soldering iron, and solder
- Connectors as necessary for your installation preference

So, you're looking at about $35 for all the parts needed.

It seems every time I edit something on a product, including the price, they go under private review, so it's unavailable right this minute but should be back up shortly.

Re: FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Jan 13, 2021 1:54 PM
by DavidE9
I just received and assembled mine.
Rather go through the 30 day shipping time from Alibaba for the PCB, I bought these: ... UTF8&psc=1
After filing down the excess solder on the back of the PCB, they fit right in.

Nice job on these. Thank you.


Re: FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Jan 13, 2021 9:26 PM
by thrty8street
This is a great idea. Do you have more pictures or a diagram showing how you wired the USB modules?

Re: FS: Triple USB charging port switchblanks

Posted: Jan 14, 2021 12:29 PM
by cscracker
I'm glad you like it, thanks!

The modules just take +12v and ground, really simple to wire. I hooked them all to the same connector, but you can do it however you like.

QC 3.0 has a peak charge rate of 36W, so at 12 volts, that's 3 amps per module, plus whatever the circuitry itself needs. So, you're going to want a 10 amp or greater capable source if you intend to use QC 3.0 on all 3 modules at the same time.

I have two different types of modules, and I measured the idle current draw - one type (black ones from ebay) draw just under 5mA (as a set of 3 modules), the other type (red ones from aliexpress, pictured) draw 2.5mA (as a set of 3 modules). So, if you drive the car regularly, you could hook these up to always on power and they should be fine, but if not, you may want to put them on ignition-switched power so they don't drain your battery.

For always-on, cigarette lighter is a pretty good choice if you want to tap in, or you can just run a dedicated circuit from the battery or accessory fuse box, just make sure it's fused either way.

For switched, you're probably going to want to tap into a circuit on one of the unloader relays. The door chime is only on an 8 amp fuse so I wouldn't recommend tapping into it directly for this, but you could use it to trigger your own relay. Same with the OBC and clock.