Parts Car - 1984 528e

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Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by alim_h »

I have a parts car that has been sitting for a while. It's complete but not in the best shape.

I know it's harder and harder to find some parts so let me know if there's something you need.

Plan to start taking it apart in a couple of weeks.
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by stjohnr »

I'm looking for a fuel pump assembly for the in-tank unit.
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by sedanracecar »

looking for manual transmission and all relative parts for swap! thanks
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by greggearhead »

Also looking for trans (just trans is fine) if previous poster doesn't get it.
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by Rocketflip »

I need some dumb little things ...

The ambient cabin temperature sensor has a little nipple that connects to the vacuum line. I need that.

I need an old style coolant level sensor. And I need the hardware that holds the panel up in the trunk. The part behind the back seat
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by az533 »

brake booster and everything connected to it
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by Foonfer »

In what kind of shape are the following? If very good and the price is right, I'd be interested in
- The rear trunk liner (the one that covers the taillights).
- The taillight assemblies
- The antenna, if it works
- The door-lock silencers (these knobby rubber caps that cover one of the prongs of the door latch, on the door jambs)- if you have 4, I want all 4 of them.
- The assemblies for the 2 small lights that illuminate the rear license plate. It can be just the lenses, but complete assembly is better
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Re: Parts Car - 1984 528e

Post by Koopman »

I am looking for both rear window motors without the regulators. Also any tools for the trunk tool tray.
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