Sunroof wind deflector removal

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Sunroof wind deflector removal

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I’m converting my sunroof from Panel to moonroof.
Can someone tell me how to remove the arms that are on the body that tilt the wind deflector?
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Re: Sunroof wind deflector removal

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I want to think it's a little circlip, but Realoem shows a rivet. Regardless, I do recall clearly that the little bracket that the arm attaches to is welded to the roof/sunroof tray.
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Re: Sunroof wind deflector removal

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I fitted an OEM moon roof to my Diamantschwartz eta back in 2015.

I used the JBort guide for the Saab Moon roof:

The slipstream deflector rear arms sit into small brackets which are welded to the sun roof trough. The rivets(item 12) act as the pivot pin for the arms.

Remove both rivets (pivot pins) to release both rear arms. The front of the slipstream deflector removes as per the JBort guide.

The small brackets remain and do not interfere with the glass moon roof.

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