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Seat Gearbox Question

Posted: Jan 27, 2023 2:13 AM
by monkey.wrench
My E28's drive backrest adjustment and base tilt functions do not work. They are M5 seats. I can hear the motor running, but nothing happens. I pulled the seat expecting to need to perform the cable sheath shortening method, and found all drive cables for the backrest and tilt motors dangling out of the motors and not connected to the hinge mechanism, for lack of a better term.

On one side of the seat, it looks like I could reinsert the cables. On the other, it appears that I am missing a piece of the drivetrain. Does anyone know what this part is or have one? Do I need a whole new gearbox, or can I replace just this part?

Picture driver side (missing): ... share_link

Passenger side (present: ... sp=sharing

Re: Seat Gearbox Question

Posted: Jan 29, 2023 8:31 PM
by Shawn D.
It looks like a bracket that holds the ferrules into the gearbox body. You might be able to find one and that'd do the trick. Otherwise, you might have to cannibalize another seat.