Best place to source M7 3 piece wheel bolts

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Best place to source M7 3 piece wheel bolts

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Hi there , I have recently finished the restoration of my GOTTI G1001 3 piece wheels for my E28. However after the first time it rained all the bolts started rusting , and now all of them are a nice shade of brown. I thought about getting them all replated but that seems like a total pain and I have heard people claim that they stretch and new bolts aren't are a terrible thing . Anyone have any experience with this ? I have found various places online that sell the bolts but I am unsure of the quality , as it seems they are all selling the same bolts which points to them being outsourced from somewhere . I don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on bolts with poor quality coating that quickly rust or tarnish , or even worse bolts that aren't quality and break or fail. If anyone on here has dealt with this before and can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated . Thanks .
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Re: Best place to source M7 3 piece wheel bolts

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When I had a set of BBS rs wheels done for my old Z3 I had sourced everything thing from They carry everything. I never had anything rust in the 4 years I had the wheels on the car, and I dailies it with those wheels year round.
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