Neutral Start Switch Replacement?

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Neutral Start Switch Replacement?

Post by robertodonnell »

Hi guys,

I have the 4HP22 shifter lever on the bench, and I am trying to work out how the hell to get it apart to replace the inhibitor/neutral start swicth. Can anyone give me a run down or a link to do this?


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Re: Neutral Start Switch Replacement?

Post by Aldo525 »

hello, you mean this:

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Re: Neutral Start Switch Replacement?

Post by Mike W. »

I'm not sure it really comes apart to replace the parts you're looking to replace, it's more of a switch assembly.

But I'll add this, on a 3HP22 E23 I used to have, I was having problem with the neutral safety, took a can of contact cleaner and just kind of hosed down at the opening as best I could while working the lever back and forth. Worked perfectly, I never had problems with it again.
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