Upper control arms

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Upper control arms

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So about a year or two ago I refreshed my front suspension bits with a 16 piece kit and have since learned I probably should’ve ordered the lemforder items or at the very least for the upper arms. Anyway I’ve developed the thrust arm shimmy again so I’ve purchased the moosehead engineering bushings to get pressed in. Currently I cannot find any lemforder arms in stock but did find some meyle hd. My question is in terms of recommendations would it be worthwhile to order the meyle arms and get the moosehead bushings pressed into those arms or just wait for the lemforder arms to be back in stock? A third option would be is if I could get the unknown brand arms off while preserving the ball joints and replace the bushings in those then get lemforders down the line. So I guess the main question is are the meyle control arms reputable/reliable when it comes to the ball joints equipped on them vs the lemforder. Any input is greatly appreciated
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Re: Upper control arms

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Meyle HD is fine. TRW seems to have a good reputation too, they're popular with the E39 guys. E39s might not be quite as touchy as E28s on shimmy, but they are sensitive.
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