m30b25 head on m30b35 block

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m30b25 head on m30b35 block

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has anyone tried to bolt the m30b25 head on the m30b35 block ?
does the head bolt straight on and does the engine run good ?
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Re: m30b25 head on m30b35 block

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I don't think the valves would hit, but I'm not positive. From an old post it looks like the compression ratio would be 9.9:1, high, but no higher than the 10:1 on high compression B34 engines. I haven't heard of anyone doing it, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work. I would think it would actually be very similar to the high compression B34 engine as they all used the same valves until B35 era. Do be aware that the b25 cam probably will not work, I think they were all L jet with a conventional distributor unlike the Motronic setup on B35s.
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