sssquid vs miller maf

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sssquid vs miller maf

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It's interesting to note that SSSQuid tuning announced a couple of years ago that they were building a better MAF solution for the 0179 ecu. Have they gone into production? How will their approach be different than Miller?
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Re: sssquid vs miller maf

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You could e-mail and ask, he is pretty responsive. I presume they have not gone into production though, the website states it pretty clearly (in addition to going into detail about how their approach is different than Miller's):

We have been working on a proper MAF conversion for E28, E30, E34, and similar VAM-equipped models. Our primary goal is to produce a MAF Conversion Kit (MCK) that does not require a retune, that’s plug-and-play, and that properly converts the MAF signal into a signal that the stock ECU is expecting to see. Currently, there are no MAF conversions on the market that performs these tasks. Yes, including that one!

In modern MAF-equipped ECUs, there are entire algorithms and coding sections dedicated to correctly reading, filtering, and smoothing the input. This code is absent on older, VAM-equipped ECUs and therefore in-order to properly feed the ECU a MAF signal, the maths and programming must be done externally. Our MCK uses a custom coded microprocessor along with circuit boards — designed in-house and made in America — that take care of these essential tasks.

After dozens of iterations, changes, updates, and improvements, we are nearing a release-ready product. If you are interested in becoming a backer, please contact us.
Frankly, they could sell the same damn parts as Miller and if they made a trivial attempt at offering customer service, it would be the better product. But it sounds like they're trying to resolve a lot of the Miller setup's technical flaws too.

I asked Jay about the project status back in Dec. 2018 and this was his response:
we're working hard on it, but have run into a few delays. Currently, we're moving to a larger, more cost effective location in Kansas City, MO, and out of Colorado. I apologize for any delays this may cause in response time.

We're trying our best to have the MAF conversions available before summer of 2019, though it's an massively expensive undertaking.

Our units will not require any sort of retune, and will be completely compatible with the stock tunes of either M20 or M30 engines (selectable output to be used with either).
Ultimately I respect them for not rushing a product to market, and it sounds like it will be a better solution than the Miller if it makes it to release, but I have reached the point where I will probably just go Megasquirt and ditch the AFM/MAF entirely before I mess with Motronic any more.
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Re: sssquid vs miller maf

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Subscribed in case anything comes of this.
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