ECU compatibility

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ECU compatibility

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Trying to chip my 1884 528e, I have discovered that the present ECU, a yellow label Bosch 007, does not take a performance chip. Other ECU's placed in later 528e's such as the blue label Bosch 042 can be upgraded. Two questions: can I run a blue label ECU in my car, and how likely is it that the blue label ECU will hook up successfully to my present wiring harness. From pictures, both ECU's are 35 pin models, but the locking mechanism on the blue label model seems slightly different that the mechanism on my yellow label ECU. I am thinking that if my car can run the blue label model I can modify it's locking mechanism to fit my wiring harness connector. Any and all input is much appreciated. John
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Re: ECU compatibility

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I don't know what color, but the Bosch -027 is what you want to chip a regular 528e.
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