Need help with under dash panel (driver's side)

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Need help with under dash panel (driver's side)

Post by topher800 »

I am trying to get the under dash / under steering wheel panel installed. I can't figure out what the lower screw above the gas peddle goes into. There is a plastic box with a forward facing hole in it, but I can't get the screw to reach. The diagram below perhaps shows a bracket I am missing (#4)? ... Id=51_0999

Also I ordered these screws (p#51431874616), but they seem too large for all the holes at the top side where it screws into dash. Does anyone have the part number for the smaller screw?
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Re: Need help with under dash panel (driver's side)

Post by travisj »

Yes, you need the #4 bracket, and then it's still a pain in the ass to get the screw in there. Post a wtb ad here, or drive to the Aurora pullandpay and see if there is one in the 533 there.
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