E32 parts in E28?

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E32 parts in E28?

Post by NoahFiveSeries »

Hey guys and gals, so im currently thinking about buying an E32 7 series for cheap, i have heard that the rear axles will cross over, and im wondering what else will cross over, mainly in need of the left rear trailing arm if that will also cross over im 17, dont know everything about cars and new to BMW's and to this forum, thanks.
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Re: E32 parts in E28?

Post by N_///M_Z »

Hey Noah, you should also join the local NZ bimmer forum. But to provide some advice, as I have an e32 and e28. The wheels, gearboxes, engines are swappable, except for engine stands and sumps. For more technical part checking I would suggest asking for the cars VIN and researching on https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select
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Re: E32 parts in E28?

Post by tseohs »

Hi Noah,

I'm currently putting the motor and trans from an 1988 E32 into an E28. I've been able to use the engine, trans, and wiring harness. The good thing is that if it is an early E32, the block will be drilled to use E28 motor mounts and drop right in.

Major components that do not transfer:

Axles-they are different bolt pattern on the differential flanges. May fit if you swap the flanges as well.
Differential-mounting is different. E32 diff does not have mounting holes on the top.
Drive shaft
Pedal box and pedals
Trans cross member
Shifter arm and selector rod
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Re: E32 parts in E28?

Post by RonW »

A common E28 brake upgrade is to use E32/E34 parts. Here are the E32 parts:
  • 34111159896 Brake Disc, Front
  • 34111160365 Caliper Carrier, Front
  • 34111160363 Brake Caliper, Front Left
  • 34111160364 Brake Caliper, Front Right
  • 34111157687 Retainer Spring, Front
  • 34211157046 Brake Pad Retainer Spring - Rear
I didn't include parts that were shared with the E28.
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