central locking from boot lock issue

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central locking from boot lock issue

Post by alemac1 »

Hi all, first proper post here :) short term browser!

having had a read of the forums I'm still not 100% on solving my issue so here goes.

My central locking will lock and unlock ALL locks from both front doors perfectly, but will now only unlock from the boot lock, it does not re lock anything. This only happened very recently, and the only thing i can think is the CL started clicking randomly after a lot of heavy rain. I have also had issues with a dodgy battery and noticed that on only one occasion the car did re lock from the boot lock once the battery had had a full charge.

Boot lock module replacement? i found a post on here suggests R/R boot lock for similar symptoms. Also read about possible adjustments to the mechanism.

any help hugely appreciated. its not life and death but would be nice to have functioning properly.

thanks, Alex.
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Re: central locking from boot lock issue

Post by e28Sean »

There is a small metal bar (the sort of yellow-is pot metal used elsewhere in the car, iirc) inside the trunk lock mechanism. It goers from the actuator to the lock cylinder, and is retained in the cylinder by a small plastic bushing. These plastic bushings, after 30 odd years, wear out.

I have seen odd behavior from my own car when that rod has fallen out of the bushing and gotten wedged in a different part of my cylinder, such as locking, but not unlocking, or vice versa.

First place I'd look.

- Sean
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