Cheap $35 axles from Rockauto

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Re: Cheap $35 axles from Rockauto

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I should expound a bit on why I would trust used parts more than new in some situations, especially CV joints.

Used ones probably don't have noticeable wear, ie no noise or play.

Rebuilt ones replace obviously worn parts, probably the balls, but generally if one part works against another and one wears the other has suffered wear too, we're talking steel on steel, not steel on aluminum. Now if it's a new joint, that's another story. But if it's used you're pretty much talking the balls or the cage or the hub. So if one is worn to the point of needing replacement, odds are the others aren't far behind.
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Re: Cheap $35 axles from Rockauto

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garageboy wrote: Mar 29, 2021 3:11 PM
I will never understand how people buy garbage parts. I'm obviously on a completely different planet.
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Re: Cheap $35 axles from Rockauto

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e12euro wrote: Mar 30, 2021 4:55 PM
I was a little surprised to find out the automatic gearbox you find in a new VW Golf, or Ford Mustang V8, are both assembled in China. A little OT since those are complete assemblies, not parts, but even so. :shock:
Ford started sourcing their diff gears from China 15 years ago or so. For a while after the transition they had problems with gear noise to the point where a "whine kit" became a common thing in dealership service departments. It was simply a new ring and pinion set, along with the odds and ends needed to replace them. Eventually they got it sorted out but for a while that was a good source of new R&P sets at good prices. What you had to watch for was that it wasn't previously opened. What that often meant was someone took the junk parts and put them in the new box, then stuck the works on ebay instead of throwing it in the scrap bin.
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