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Re: FAQ M30 Starter R&R

Post by quadz »

Ive recently fitted a b35 starter on to my 1986 m535i however im finding that the slide connector doesnt exactly fit to the point where it doesnt function.

Has anyone else run in to this issue?

I did notice when i was removing from the e34 that the ignition wire was the ring style and not slide on style
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Re: FAQ M30 Starter R&R

Post by 1986series6 »

Do I understand that the terminal on your harness is a ring and the
starter has a male that needs a female on the harness to connect?

What I did was unbolt the male connector from the starter
and use the ring on the starter stud and nut down the ring onto it.
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Re: FAQ M30 Starter R&R

Post by Owndapwn »

Got the starter out. Was going to pull it out and clean and test it. See if I even need a new one. But you know what? It's out. A new one is going back in.
I opted to partially remove the intake manifold. Unbolt it and pull it out and away and you have quote-unquote "Plenty™" of room to get it out.
Unplugged everything on top, removed the intake boot, removed the fuel pressure regulator from the fuel rail, unclipped the throttle cables, unbolted the manifold, and pulled the front end over the radiator hose (I have a new set of hoses. Damage is possible doing this. Common sense is a better tool than any socket set) and just shift the back end down and away. Leaves you with enough room to get at whatever you need with whatever tools you want without much hassle.
Bonus, I think I found my lack of idle up, if you'll notice the hose that has one end completely ripped off and the other held on with electrical tape. (Fuck you, PO. That hose is $6. That's.. premium burrito money)

Here's a better but still pretty bad view of the space it leaves you with.

Now, how important do you think new intake gaskets would be? On one hand, they look fine. On the other they're cheap. On the third hand, they're going to be a pain in the ass to clean off from this angle. :dunno:
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Re: FAQ M30 Starter R&R

Post by Sacredratio »

This was a job that I had built up in my head like crazy. When it came down to it, the 17mm boxed end wrench from the ttrunk tool kit was the only tool I used (aside from the necessary tools to disconnect the wires)

I removed the old one and put in the much lighter, easier 441x

This requires the removal of 0 coolant lines, intakes, or anything else.

All said and done I think the entire job took me 50 minutes from start to finish.
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Re: FAQ M30 Starter R&R

Post by seriously111 »

Just taking an exhausted angry breather from this bear of a job. I hope I don’t curse here.


Bought a reman Bosch sr442x from Pelicanparts.
Word was the 442 and 441 are same units (ie smaller OE SR41

Well- despite its label my SR442x was exactly the same size as SR41x. It’s the same unit. Same weight. Same stupid bolt hole problem.

Actually it’s worse. Not sure if this due to the reman process but the space around bolt head is now EVEN smaller!! Seriously. The factory wrench will barely fit.
(Forget about using any thin wall sockets)

I will persevere, of course. But I caution those buying a 442x thinking it will be a smaller unit than 41x. Mine wasn’t.
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