Odometer roll back

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Odometer roll back

Post by dmccaslin »

This question isn't specific to the BMW, but I'll ask it here anyway. I just ordered my replacement odometer gear, and I was talking to a guy in a garage who said that whenever they repair an odometer it is reset to zero and they provide a form for the driver that states what the mileage was when they performed the replacement. I presume that he was talking about replacing the unit outright, but I was wondering: when i replace the odometer, am I supposed to roll it back to 000000, or is it okay to leave it the way it is and just inform any possibly buyer that it isn't accurate 9not that I really have to, because it's titled with an inaccurate odometer reading label).
Shawn D.
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Post by Shawn D. »

That sounds ridiculous! Just put the new gears in and don't worry about it.
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Post by slammin_e28 »

I rolled mine forward to make up for the miles I had driven. Of course, it was to and from work with very little driving elsewhere, so I could roughly calculate it. Yeah, I'm kinda ridiculous about this stuff.

My e30 I just guesstimated >325k as the PO DD'd it 70+ miles for work and said it stopped over a year ago.
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Post by Xenocide »

I considered both rolling forward and rolling back when I did mine. I went back and forth so many times I just ended up leaving it. I figure if I ever do sell the car (and I don't think it likely) I will be sure they know that it has closer to 270k than 170k.
Mike W.
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Post by Mike W. »

Don't worry about it, just make a mention to the buyer when you sell it. Do you suspect it's a great deal of miles or just 6 months worth or so? If it's only 10-20K out of 300K it's hardly even worth mentioning. Now if it says 70k and you've been putting 100 a day on it for the past 10 years it's a different story, but the car will show it too.
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Post by mooseheadm5 »

I think he is talking about replacing the odometer with new.
I just replaced the speedo in George's car and set the odometer to match his estimated mileage.
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Re: Odometer roll back

Post by Phil DM »

How did you roll it back? I need a new cluster mines not working and has 170k but the used I want to buy has 199k on it.
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Re: Odometer roll back

Post by Ju@n »

I know it's in spanish, but here you go:
If you really need the text just use google translate :laugh:
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Re: Odometer roll back

Post by gino »

I once had a car that I tried to sell but it had too many miles. My uncle Vito told me to just roll back the odometer. So I rolled it back but still no buyers. I kept rolling it back a bunch of times, then my uncle asked me why I'm keeping the car and not selling it anymore: I told him the car was practically brand new with barely any miles on it!!!
(Italian Joke)
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