WARNING about UUC Swaybar Upgrade Kit

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WARNING about UUC Swaybar Upgrade Kit

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I would like to take a moment to warn people who are looking at the UUC swaybar upgrade kit for a 1988 528e. I ordered the front and rear complete kit and am here to let you know that the mounting points do not fit and the upgraded bushings completely cover up the stock bolt mount points so it is impossible to install this kit. I am attempting to contact UUC but nobody is picking up the phone and I just sent an email requesting a return label. They did not send any mounting hardware at all...and even if they did, I don't think it is even possible to mount since the bushing covers the stock mount surface COMPLETELY. Be advised.

Part number: SKU: SBE28.27.SET

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Re: WARNING about UUC Swaybar Upgrade Kit

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I don't know their plan for installing this kit but the non-M5 chassis is not ready for a 27/22mm bar set. It will rip the mounts off the rear mounting points and up front will either rip the mount off the frame rails or rip the bracket for the sway bar link off the shock tower.

These parts need reinforcing before installation of a big bar kit. The M5 came with different front frame rail mounts. These have been reproduced and are available from the FS forum.

The sway bar link brackets should be boxed by a qualified welder to reinforce them.

The rear sway bar brackets should be more than two spot welds per side, fully welded to the chassis and boxed for best performance.

With that junk done the bars should fit fine and you won't rip your metal underparts to pieces as you tackle the twisties. Not saying what UUC is doing is right just talking for experience.
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Re: WARNING about UUC Swaybar Upgrade Kit

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UUC is crap these days. I'm not surprised you're not getting any response.
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