Sport seat frame wiggle room/play

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Sport seat frame wiggle room/play

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Hi there,
Some time ago, when I was sitting in the passenger seat, I noticed some annoying wiggle room or play in the frame of my manual sport seat. It seemed to come only from the front side of the seat. Back then it didn't bother me that much as I'm not sitting in the passenger seat a lot :laugh: But recently I noticed also the other seat is suffering from a little play in the frame.

I took both the seats out and I found quite some wiggle room/play on this "pin". It connects the frame base to the height adjustment thing (don't know what's it called).

Anyone thought of making new pins? I wonder what solutions there are. Can't seem to find separate parts for the seat frame.

Mike W.
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Re: Sport seat frame wiggle room/play

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Lots of stuff is part of an assembly and not available separately, and I suspect this is one of them.

It kind of just looks like a roll pin with a cotter pin like device to make sure it's held in place. Until you start taking things apart I don't think you can say if it's the pin that's worn or the hole. Looks tight, but you have a little room, a shoulder bolt might be an option. Measure it and see if it appears to be wear on the hole, the pin or both, guessing the nominal size is something like an even millimeter, 6, 7, 8MM or whatever. And then it depends on how much effort you want to put into it.


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