The Thread of Randomness. . .

General conversations about BMW E28s and the people who own them.
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Re: The Thread of Randomness. . .

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Mike W. wrote:Nothing says rebel like the guy gassing up yesterday. Dirty scruffy camo pants, camo jacket, hat turned at about a 135 angle back. Until he drove off in his late model Toyota Minivan. :laugh:
Pic, or it didn't happen. :laugh:
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Re: The Thread of Randomness. . .

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It needs to stop raining here in SoCal. I've only ridden the Ducati a few times in the last couple of weeks. I'm having withdrawl.
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Re: The Thread of Randomness. . .

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We drove to Sioux City, IA, to meet up with my daughter and her hubby for dinner yesterday. They drove up from Omaha; it works out well because it's almost the same driving time from both places (there were a couple of detours for them because of the flooding, but it sounds like the water levels on the Missouri are dropping.) He's a bit of an electric car nerd, and has had his eye on a Tesla since the beginning. His daily driver for the last ~3 years has been a Prius, then a couple years ago they traded in my daughter's Subaru for a 1st generation Leaf. Then last year they found out about some rebates and tax incentives that made trading in the old leaf on a new 2017 a total no-brainer; it hardly cost them anything in the end.

When the Tesla 3 was introduced they put their names on the list, and finally got the call a couple weeks ago that it was their turn. I'm not sure of all the details, but he ended up flying out to Virginia to pick one up, then drove it back. Theirs is a black 4-door with aero wheels, and the long-range dual motor power train. They made the trip in the new 3 yesterday; had to show it off a bit. And of course, he parked in the back, well away from anybody else. When we left the restaurant, some other guy driving a black Tesla 3 pulled in and parked near the front. Total geek moment for them; can't imagine there are many other Tesla 3s in Sioux City, IA!
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Re: The Thread of Randomness. . .

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There is a sleek metallic brick red Tesla parked at the senior center. Makes a great town car I gather. EV plates gets you into the HOV lane bound for Boston.
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Re: The Thread of Randomness. . .

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Got a call yesterday from the next door neighbor. She was down at the local morturary with her roommate/landlord dealing with the landlords just deceased husband. Dead car. They just wanted a ride. 90s Buick, which I know was made by GM and not much more. Got there and she said it was dead, no lights even, not at all. At which point I did a mental Woo Hoo and said lets pop the hood. OK, the battery is one of those funky GM side mount things but what's the difference. I popped the hatch on the E39 touring, it comes with about 3 tools, 2 of which are missing, but the channellocks were still there. Yes! Loosened the bolt, wiggled the clamp back and forth a couple of times, tightened it and turned the key. Bang, started right up, I looked like a genius. Now I know better, but I'll hold the pose for a sec on rare occasions.
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