Not quite legal...

General conversations about BMW E28s and the people who own them.
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Not quite legal...

Post by ldsbeaker »

Joined the forum March 25, 2007. Been a hell of ride with my e28s so far!

Been kinda busy the past few years. Sorry I haven't updated, stayed in touch, sent a postcard...

Anything new? :laugh:
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by turbodan »

I have transitioned and am now living as a woman. Other than that, not much.

Always glad to see some of the old timers pop back in.
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by Chimi-Changa »


Good to hear you are still here! :cool:

Now we just need Oldskool back in this piece.
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by kojo96 »

Welcome back!
Blue Shadow
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by Blue Shadow »

just lots of folks having taken some time off and dropping in again.

Good to see you again.

Oh, there are a few young fellas with new to them E28s that will be doing all the work we did to them between 1995-2010.
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by 1st 5er »

See you in NC, ///M5?
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Re: Not quite legal...

Post by e28Sean »

I Joined the forum Nov 23 2007... Haven't posted much of late, but I'm still here. ...and still with an e28 in the stable.


ldsbeaker wrote: Anything new? :laugh:
Lots of new faces 'round the forums. Feels like a different place.
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