What Did You Do To Your House Recently?

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Re: What Did You Do To Your House Recently?

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When I built my detached garage I used the zip system for the walls and roof. Good stuff. I'm seeing more and more of it.
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Re: What Did You Do To Your House Recently?

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cek wrote: Mar 28, 2021 10:40 PM Tore up the backyard by driving Uglina across it.

Dang, Charlie... That 'Cruiser looks nice.

As for the house, well I've done a fair bit recently, but don't have much for photo evidence.

The workshop (lower level of the garage) is unheated, and I futzed about trying to warm it up a bit over the winter, but mostly failed. It's warm enough out now that the shop stays a decent temp all day & night, but I'm going to do something this summer to get ready for next winter. I might take a stab at making a solar collector to heat & circulate air, or maybe just bite the bullet and put a natural gas heater in it.

And in the workshop, I got tired of dealing with the cobbled-up mess that the previous owner called a workbench, so that is on its way out, and a spiffy new one is in the works. Film at 11.

Most recently though, my wife got a burr under her saddle about the landscaping, and hired an outfit to come in and spend a pile of money for us. There's a slope on the south side of the garage that was a bit of an eyesore, what with 25-year-old unkempt landscaping and some mostly unusable steps from the driveway down to the sunken patio. They started demolition today, with a plan to make some terraced gardens with a stairway twisting through it. Should be awesome when it's done, and the best part is I don't have to do any of it. I like that part.
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