SOLD - M5 for Sale in Oakland CA

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SOLD - M5 for Sale in Oakland CA

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Sold :(


VIN: WBSDC930XJ2791080
Production Date: 01/87
Miles: 156,067 (actual)
Price: $20,000 (as is)

Car purchased in Aug 2015 (see for sale ad here: with 149k miles. As you can tell car has been used regularly but sparingly since purchase with significant recent work including complete wheels (and center caps) refinishing and 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires, new clutch master and slave, intake balancing and clutch pedal bracket strengthening, brakes and rotors, new rebalanced drive shaft and CSB, resealed differential…extensive list. Car has Euro headers and headlights. No electrical or mechanical issues (prior to that noted further below).

Have a large binder with over $40k in receipts I can share with interested parties. Car was in NJ for vast majority of its time with me (only brought out in April, put in storage around October) and recently moved to California (2022) with me where it was smogged and registered. Used regularly and interchangeably with my e39 M5.

2 key rust spots in typical e28 areas (bottom of rear windshield and drivers side bottom of front windshield - see pictures) other wise the car has no rust apart from some usual surface marring (see pictures in photo album here: ... R8kYZ0c6P9).

All original paint (never repainted so has typical single stage webbing in areas) and clean underbody. Clutch is in great condition as is the gearbox (no whining, grinding or crunching); with the recent master and slave replacement, the pedal is super soft and engaging.

No leaky struts or suspension issues. No power steering issues.

No cracks in the dash or console, complete interior and clean carpets, no tearing ripping or otherwise anywhere. No electrical gremlins (virtually new battery). Updated Pioneer sound system with a compact sub under rear seat. All power door locks, power windows and sunroof in working order. All new door seals installed around 3 years ago, no water ingress.

Car is all original - down to the headliner which is (old) ripped but mended and not saggy; plans for the car were to get it fully repainted with a new interior in the next few years.

I ran into some trouble with the car about a week ago (see here: and since then the car has been extensively diagnosed including boroscoping, compression and leakdown, and discussion with multiple knowledgeable e28 owners.

Compression (cold) per the shop that did the test:
1 - 165psi
2 - 167psi
3 - 169psi
4 - 50psi (virtually 0% leakdown at TDC)
5 - 50psi (virtually 0% leakdown at TDC)
6 - 165psi

(Note on the rest of the cylinders: I have paperwork from early in my ownership that the compression numbers in the other cylinders have stayed consistent in the time I have owned her, she has always surprised everyone that drove her as to how much power the engine makes - it has an exhaust cam).

Current thinking is this is a head gasket failure between cylinders 4 and 5 causing a cross firing. She starts up and idles normally. I estimate its about a $12-14k repair if you go retail (have quotes for $7k purely for head gasket fix, however expect it to balloon with while-you’re-in-there and oh-thats-not-right type things). A full rebuild as we know is around $18-25k depending on how much sweat equity is going into it.

I would be having the engine rebuilt unfortunately I am in the middle of a house purchase having just moved to NorCal and its a difficult time to embark on this adventure.

This is a very solid car with very strong bones that has been very well taken car of. She has been treated with an open wallet throughout my time with her, and it really does pain me to post this. Trying to let the brain and not the heart lead.

She has been a phenomenal machine that has never failed to put a smile on my face and always gets complemented on the roads or whenever I park her.

Happy to speak with folks, provide more info including work receipts, and put serious inquirers in touch with the shop she is currently at, as well as the shop that had done the most recent large work order.

Thanks for reading.

(My first for sale post - apologies if I missed anything critical and happy to address).
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