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1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Nov 16, 2023 11:22 AM
by spencefree
1988 BMW 528e super eta for sale. The current odometer reads 275k but is not original to the car. I have owned this car almost 10 years and have a clear blue Texas title in my name. VIN WBADK730XJ9831425. This car is an unfinished project. Simply put, no space in my life to finish this car properly. I have owned this car for 10 years and been steadily improving it. In 2020 I pulled this car off the road to fix an oil leak, got project creep, and have never finished putting it back together. I am exiting the e28 scene and with this car goes every e28 specific part I have collected. Every part in the photos will go with the car. All e28 parts, some are for M20 and some for M30. I will not part this car so please don't ask. Most everything but AC was working properly when I pulled this car off the road. It was a blast to drive and turned a lot of heads. This car would also be a great candidate for a motor swap, if someone wanted to go that route.

Lachsilber over black
Aforementioned instrument panel with 7k rpm tachometer and 160mph speedo
Crack-free dashboard!
Straight body - hood and trunk panels are not original to the car
Rust almost non-existent, what little rust exists is refined to the spare well
5 speed with "e to I" conversion
Bilstein Sport b8's all around
Bav auto lowering springs
535is front air dam and rear spoiler
Rear headrests installed
Euro headlights and surrounds. All lighting including fogs is Hella
M-tech steering wheel and shift knob
2 sets of 16" wheels with very good rubber, styles 4 & 5
Billy Boat stainless exhaust-sounds incredible
Glass good all around
Complete "is" interior including power sport seats
What is listed below are extra parts, not needed to complete the car
Too many small bits to list but highlights include:
Extra 5speed Getrag 260 (also from 1988 528e - working when pulled)
Extra block (from 528e manual - working when pulled)
Extra "i" intake
4 extra "i" 885 cylinder heads - 2 good, two need repair
Extra good rear glass
Extra drive shaft (1988 528e manual)
Blaupunkt Totonto BT head with premium "is" speakers front and rear.
Color-matched power mirrors.
Most consumables needed to complete assembly (head gasket kit and bolts, timing belt and tensioner, bearings, etc.
This car will also include everything pictured here - hundreds of e28 (528 and 535) bits, a 15 year collection.

No motor currently in this car. Motor was pulled for aforementioned oil leak and disassembled for complete refurbishment. I broke a small bolt off in the block (lower timing chain cover) and stopped work. About 99.9% of the parts necessary for completion are here, someone just needs to put in the work or have it done. My goal was to rebuild the first motor for reliable "e to i" performance (+/- 180hp) while I decided how to approach the second motor for more performance (stroker, etc). Motor parts are organized and labeled.
Paint job is a 50 footer. I did it myself as when I acquired this car it was painted black (lachsilber is the original color). Poly base and clear coat.
When I had all of the glass, trim, etc. pulled I painted it myself to make sure lachsilber completely eliminated the black. Got almost all of it. I'm no painter so has some "tiger stripes" and clearcoat sag in places. Looks ok from a distance but requires a professional job, then this car would be stunning.
Drivers sport seat is in poor condition, both seats could use a recover.
Needs heater valve. I believe the one in the photos is no good but I could be wrong. This car is in Texas so heater was basically never used.
AC system needs a rebuild. Multiple working compressors included in sale.
Aforementioned rust spots in the spare well (I sprayed some silver on it just to slow it down until I could address it proberly).
Needs a rear diff mount, bangs when you are not smooth with the clutch.
Tint issues with the rear windows. I was in the process of removing old tint and didn't finish.
Trunk lock not operable. Parts included but need repair. Trunk can be opened with a stick if you know where to push.
A couple of small dings (top of passenger front fender and lower front passenger wheel well where a jack slipped off its mounting point).
Central locking deactivated, manual locks only right now.
Sunroof inop, I have just left it shut but the sunroof liner is out of the car.

I'm sure I am missing both pros and cons but in 10 years you forget things. I wish to sell to someone who will complete this car, and give it the attention it will deserve.

This car is a true project, and is priced accordingly considering the htf pieces on the car and all the extra parts. This will never be a garage queen and doesn't come with a stack of records, I don't operate that way. This car is meant to be driven. I don't even know how many miles are on the car, the title says "exempt". I do not have a carfax. That being said, I am open to offers. I know I should have cleaned the car more before offering it for sale. I just have no more time to devote to this car, sorry.

Photos can be viewed here:

or at

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, please use the chat on the website. Not in a hurry to sell but I do need this out of my life so I can move on...thank you.

Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Nov 19, 2023 10:28 PM
by spencefree
Is there no interest in this car? Price drop...$5k obo. Thanks

Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Nov 22, 2023 3:41 PM
by spencefree
Sorry for the early bump...ran out of free hosting on that domain. Photos can be seen at...


Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Jan 07, 2024 5:43 PM
by G28I
$5k!? Pl we and tell me someone has seen this as the HUGE value it is and it’s been sold!? Hell of a deal right here. You could save 3-4 more e28 with the parts stash alone! Where abouts are you located once again?

Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Jan 17, 2024 10:53 PM
by spencefree
Thanks for the bump. Since there didn't seem to be a lot of interest it has just been sitting in the garage and I had reserved myself to just put the energy into completing this project once spring rolls around. You are correct, though. There is a lot of residual value here with all the extras and it would make a pretty nice car with mostly elbow grease. Still for sale if a good offer comes along...

Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: Jan 17, 2024 10:54 PM
by spencefree
New Braunfels, Texas between Austin and San Antonio.

Re: 1988 528e Super eta project & extras

Posted: May 19, 2024 4:36 PM
by spencefree
Still haven't gotten around to doing anything with this car. A true sign this really needs to go. Recently found another 2 bins of random parts that will go with the car along with everything else listed. Someone please take this.
Price drop $4k for everything.