E28 M5 for Sale

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E28 M5 for Sale

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Rebuilt engine, all new cooling system, new brakes, new tires, new hoses and rubber throughout, new ignition, rebuilt ECU, new catalytic converter, etc., etc. All OEM parts wherever possible. Tons of time and money invested in this survivor. Patina purposely left in place. But this is a California car, so it’s never had any rust anywhere. OEM European bumpers and lights. Beautiful shark nose. Original USA bumpers and lights included. Tons of spares included.

So, what’s an E28 M5? Once upon a time, the BMW M5 was a hand-built super sedan that nobody knew about. BMW allotted only 500 cars for the United States in its first generation, where it was sold for only a single model year. BMW built something like 1,200 of them, still the rarest of BMW cars.

BMW’s M1-derived 3.5-liter inline-six produces 256 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque in this car, and it’s the first big hint that the M5 is a performance car. Torque builds in an even, creamy way from low rpm into the mid-range. Put your foot down, get it up toward 6,500 rpm, and you’re rewarded with a metallic zing of pure mechanical happiness. It’s not loud or stressed or mean in any way.

To this day, the M5 is BMW’s premiere luxury performance sedan, and it all started with this slant-nosed, spicy charmer. That charm sets in the moment you lay eyes on it. There’s a reason that the M5 is known for its subdued and sleeper-like personality.

Exclusively offered in black paint with a tan leather interior here in the United States, the E28 M5 is inconspicuous. It doesn’t scream M5(!) with extra vents, gold brake calipers or a vibrant paint job. Instead, it treads quietly with discreet M5 badges both in front and back and a curious rubber rear spoiler. BMW fitted utterly gorgeous M5-exclusive 16-inch alloy wheels to the M5.

Paint and exterior
This is a car that gets more drools than my longhood Porsche 911 or longtail Alfa spider, which never ceases to amaze me. I drive the car to work once in a while, and people give me a thumbs up all along the way. This car still has its original paint, and each of the rust-free panels has its original VIN sticker on it. Interestingly, even youngsters have excitedly stopped to tell me that my car is a “legend”!

Upholstery and interior
The front two seats have been reupholstered in the exact correct material and color (“Natur”). The original M-Tech steering wheel is also fresh and beautiful. The original carpeting is still pretty nice. The dash isn’t all cracked as these usually are, though it does have a couple of small unobtrusive cracks in it.

I don’t know with certainty of the car’s mileage, so I won’t vouch for it. The odometer shows almost 79,000 miles, which seems low for a car this age.

Original 5 speed Getrag transmission with bespoke M5 differential and driveline.

Asking $5,000 less than Hagerty’s price for “good” condition cars, i.e., $50,000 OBO. Located in Northern Virginia.

I don’t know how to post pictures here, but please contact me and I’ll either text or email them to you.

Thank you.
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Re: E28 M5 for Sale

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Is this car still for sale? If so let me know the best way to get in contact. Thanks!
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Re: E28 M5 for Sale

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Also interested - please PM me if this is still available.
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