1985 BMW 528e for Sale

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1985 BMW 528e for Sale

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I'm offering an original, well-maintained 1985 BMW 528e for sale on behalf of my parents. The car has been in our care for the past 37 years, and we are now looking for a new home for it where it will be used and loved as my parents shift to a simpler life.

Equipment: Black paint over black leather interior, 5 speed manual, sunroof, electric windows, alloy wheels
Mileage: 122k (true mileage unknown)
Condition: The car is an honest, driver-caliber car with the condition issues one would expect in a regularly-used vehicle of its age (small scratches, stone chips). Most of the original equipment is fully functional, with the exception of the cruise control and the air conditioning. Additionally, there is a slow leak in the electrical system, which we have addressed by installing a battery shutoff switch.
Price: $6900 OBO

If you are interested in learning more, I will provide extensive pictures as well as any other details upon request (I'm new to this forum and can't quite figure out how to upload pictures).
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Re: 1985 BMW 528e for Sale

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Hi there. You're new here.

E28s don't sell without clear and comprehensive photos.You might reconsider your approach.

How to post photos:

I'm one of the group "elders" (sometimes called "curmudgeons" :rofl:). To everyone else: if anyone is interested in this car, it's local to me and I can check it out for you. But I won't waste my time without photos. Let me know!
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Re: 1985 BMW 528e for Sale

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I'm interested, but either my sight isn't good or you didn't say where you're located, are you East Coast?
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