FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

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FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by matt_wheels »


I am selling a 1986 528e in Cosmos Blue over Pearl Leather A/T. $5000

I have 4 BMWs, 2 motorcycles, tons of parts, and no garage. Time to consolidate and build.

Listed in Craigslist Minneapolis: ... 87490.html

I will add additional pics, and/or if someone requests them. I will gather pics and see if I can get them uploaded, but I may need some assistance with that; If I recall correctly you need google pics account or other for hosting location, which I do not. There's a couple at the above link for loosening up your salivary glands, and check the links at the bottom of page for video.

I bought this in August 2019 for too much, because I saw the top side and said to myself "that looks great"! Remember folks, LOOK at your cars naughty bits BEFORE purchase! Oops. Why do some of us make the same mistakes multiple times? Oh the humanity.

The car has some great things going for it, but was left in Wisconsin field for saving, and instead enjoyed its new location to rust underneath. And it did it well, and in various weird ways.

The underside turned out to be clean where it was originally paint protected (floor pans, rockers, etc), but the unprotected parts almost all rotted away (strut towers, springs, gas tank). Only disconcerting spots of rust now are: #1) one 2"-3" circle of crunchiness next to driver's shock tower under the hood, where I expect a critter lived luxuriously for years, I think this area was the bathroom, because there is NO other rust under the hood, and no way for rain to drop here, unless it was yellow. The rust doesn't go through the metal. 2) Lower rear valance, which has a few of the normal dings/bends. 3) Subframe was flaky, but strong and re-used; trying to recall if I dropped it for refurb; I don't think so. IF I did, the rubber mounts are replaced. Other than that, the car is clean, with a few smaller dents. The paint looks nice enough to be original, but I don't see any pinstripes? So thinking repainted but again paint looks good, and in a couple years ownership I can't confirm seeing any repaint marks. Not that they're not maybe there, I just had other things to deal with. No visible rust in walkaround. Trunk is clean.

The cool thing here is that the majority of the rust was able to be removed and replaced by nuts and bolts and wrenches (and choice words, bloody knuckles, and pain), instead of a plasma cutter, welder and more paint.

After being named "Bluey" by my buddy who also named my cars Whitey (e28), Blackie (e28), Little Blackie (e30) - you see the pattern - it needed to be renamed "Kabluey". Unfortunately the computer that held all the original notes to this car also went Kabluey, so my brain's memory needs to suffice here. And it could use an upgrade.

Drug free non-LSD 2.89 rear differential, if I recall. I was thinking about swapping, but posi doesn't really help a car that can't do a burnout, and a 3.73 would simply kill the mileage. So I left it stock.

Car gets normal BMW mileage, about 26hwy, and less in city. As ODO doesn't work (no really!), I don't have the data.

REPLACED in Resurrection: Here we go.

1st up FUEL SYSTEM for GO with no BOOM, or flare ups.

1) Gas tank sourced in Florida, dirty but rust-free. Cleaned interior with shaky-chain method, and results turned out good. No more gas pouring out while turning left. Or right. Or forwards. It ran like this about 30 miles back to St. Paul with my buddy behind me praying to whatever gods he could think of.
2) Sending unit, and in-tank pump. The pump was new BMW intended for a different car, and the sending unit was replaced with usable, or possibly repaired; can't recall but the gas gauge works fine now, no leaks, and no odors.
3) All rubber gas hoses. From tank to car, and from car to engine.
4) FPR and Filter


1) Both front strut towers. One was done gone, as the strut strut-cap screw was connected to the rest of the tower by air. The other was almost as bad but the air was thick enough with interspersed metal to hold on until thrown on the scrap heap. Both replacements stolen from 535is (whitey) which had clean underside stuff from a Colorado car I parted, while I waited for a pair to arrive from Cali for Whitey (What? I don't know why I didn't wait either - oh wait, they were pre-ABS, without the mounts needed for Kabluey. That's why). Cleaned, rattle canned, and replaced.
2) Both front springs. The one with the broken strut tower was for some reason - broken from rust. The replacement springs may have been new for some reason I can't recall, or stolen from the clean Colorado parts stash. Clean, and rust free.
3) Both rear springs. Again sourced from clean e28 getting M5 springs. NOTE: 535i, 535is, and 528e all shared spring rates by my understanding, so this is "correct", if it matters. It rides nice.
4) All 4 struts replaced with new Bilstein Touring
5) All 4 Upper strut mounts replaced with new, likely non-bmw, but working just fine for this cruiser. I try hard to stay away from "URO" parts. That said, they seem to have gotten better over the years on quality control. Still avoiding, just saying.
6) New tires on 15" Style 5s. I have a 2nd set with snow tires on them, but I'd appreciate if you didn't buy the car for the ability of Midwest salt to return it to the nearest field.
I think I did the control arms and sway bar links too when it was blown apart, it would make sense to me, I'll confirm when needed


1) Aforementioned Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel lines
2) Coolant hoses and thermostat
3) Adjusted valves
4) Bead blasted valve cover - maybe clear coated? Maybe not? Dang brain. Must be the Covid.
5) Exhaust replaced where needed by a pro with a welder. I think needed behind Cats, but possibly Converters removed. No smog testing here up in da nort land.

Permanent fog, never lifting. I wanna be shifting, but the automatic. How tragic.

5) All fuses replaced, all relays working
6) New AFM from dealer closeout
7) New rubber intake boot
8) Possibly more to come when brain reveals more from introspection

9) Throttle Position Sensor NEW from same dealer closeout

INTERIOR points:

1) Pearl leather in great shape (for 1986 car) but could use simple cleaning, drivers seat is a touch sagging under your arse, but overall the interior is very nice.
2) Original BMW radio, missing code. I HAD it, and "should" still have it? It is 1s, 2s, and 3s with 5 digits, but I haven't replicated the code since I misplaced it. Silence allows you to hear your car. In this car it is a good thing.
3) Trying to think of anything done to the interior other than driving and thinking up codes. Again, could use that old computer.
4) Gauge cluster showing 154,000, and isn't moving. My guess is it died in the Wisconsin field. It looks like original mileage, but all e28s I've owned had bad ODOs, so who knows. Maybe it was replaced and actually has less miles. Your guess is as good as anyone else's. As I don't recall replacing any bushings and it rides well, I think the mileage may be actual. I haven't put more than a few thousand since fixing, due to having too many cars and motorcycles. And this one is the slowest of the bunch, and an automatic. Yes. Right. I don't know why I bought it either but it looked good...
5) AC discharged - don't really need it much up here, but there is that pesky global warming. There were other things to address here first...

EXTERIOR points:

1) Nothing done by me but wax.
2) Some small pesky dents, that could be popped with PDR.
3) Paint displays great, shiny and COSMICBLAU. How can you pass on such a cosmic ride such as this?
4) As this car DID get a short amount of time in the winter (had snow tires on when bought and Whitey needed help to get through last winter), there is surface rust on a couple exposed metal areas, such as the fender edge in front of the front wheel, from chips/salt. It is possible, or probable this car was driven in winter salt and not cleaned prior to parking. This would explain why all the minimally protected metal simply left the car when it sat. Rust Never Sleeps says the Young.


THIS CAR IS FAMOUS! or almost. It is in a music video filmed last summer!

google or youtube this: "moon girl by aaron de lune"

I just pulled up the vid, and it is 5min and 28 seconds :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: 5:28!

Of course the video displays the dents like a boss. A cruel boss.


1) Radio code. Or bitchin tunes.

2) Fighting correct setting for the TPS. Car idles fine when cold, but when warm sometimes does the idle dance in the TPS - where it revs/cuts/revs/cuts from the contacts in the TPS opening to void, and returning back to connected. Search for M20 Idle woes here, and you will find the issue. Almost have it; thought I had it. Still there, and working on. I am a dunce with a digital meter, which should really be overcome. New TPS and New AFM should just take correct setting of TPS to get them to synch up better.

I'm pretty sure I have over 6G into the car, plus bloody knuckles and I should be tested for tetanus. It is posted for 5G. Unsure why I popped for that low, I may need to raise it. Not ready to haggle price yet, I'm hoping I priced it to sell. I'm sure you'll let me know. This is mye28 after all.

Or you can buy it first!

This car still needs some tinkering, as they all do, but I've done all the heavy lifting for the next owner, and between the new AFM and TPS, a digital meter might/should be all you need for this. And I think I have 2, you can have either, as I never learned to use them. I'm trying to get this by ear/trial/error, like I have with the M30s. But the M20 is not an M30, and has so far resisted.

When driving, it is not idling, and is superb. Cruise control works. Driven from Minneapolis to Des Moines, and Central Wisconsin, and Up North Mn. GREAT road car, once in motion.

Time to get this car back to simple Bluey status. Maybe with tunes, could be Bluesy? I digress. Again. Sorry bout that.

Send me a PM or an email response to the Craigslist ad, and I'll give you my ph# for discussion and potential sightings. Remember, MN is way up north. You probably want to be here already to see the car, but your call.

Please respond with questions and/or comments, but I hate computers and try to stay away, due to 20+ years of I.T. support. Be patient for your response, but knowing that I have this out now, I will try to do better communications for my e28 peeps. Best is always just to set up a time to see/chat about the car.

If you are still reading, THANK YOU!

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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by kojo96 »

Boy, that is one confusing for sale ad!

GLWTS boss.
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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by muleskinner »

Hilarious write up.

OK...couldn't resist:
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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by matt_wheels »

"Boy, that is one confusing for sale ad!"

Alright! Oh yeah. Mye28 retains its reputation intact.

I was pretty sure it was informative, potentially witty, and damn near brilliant.

But hey confusing is a close 2nd, so its OK.

Hilarious may be giving me too much credit, Midwesterners aren't really known for that.

Both are truly appreciated, and I love the Beck cover. "I am the Cosmos" would be a better name than Kabluey for the next owner.

By name, the song Bittersweet Symphony also comes to mind.

Keep 'em coming folks, and thank you for reading through the mire.

I'll try to get additional pics to the CL ad today if possible; it will be busy.

What I'm looking for here, in addition to a possible buyer, is: I feel like this is priced right for the market at this point too attract a sale, hopefully quickly. Does anyone think I'm asking too much? I know additional pics will be needed for best assessment. Once there, does anyone think I'm asking too much, or can I stay firm on my asking price? The market is in flux, and as noted by several members that prices have escalated. Am I possibly asking too little?

Thanks again for your time!

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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by garageboy »

"Confusing"??? Your Mom obviously taught you good manners, kojo96. That was a very diplomatic word to use.

OP, there are really competent meds on the market for your condition, sir. You really should consult with your analyst.

I'm going to be the one to break the bad news to you. This is a $2k car. It doesn't matter how clever you think you are or how much money you blew on this rustbucket, it's still a $2k car. You can hate me and tell me what an ass I am. That's fine.

In the meantime, perhaps you should read this note. Facts sell cars. Photos sell cars. Long rambling notes with two fuzzy photos do not sell cars. Again, I am the messenger. Feel free to shoot me. I am teflon as I have been in E28s since 1988. There is nothing you can say to offend me.

So read away and then consider starting over with a new note. Assume the thousands of people on MYE28 asked you for more photos:

Good luck with the sale.
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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by matt_wheels »

Lol YES. Not offended. Fewer bubbles.

This is exactly the feedback I wanted. Apologies I forgot this link existed, which I've respected prior, and the pics. I wanted to beat the "non-affiliated page" to the punch if found by this crew, but didn't find the time to complete the listing/s. Still haven't.

Sorry if the listing offends you due to being incomplete, but I do honestly appreciate the feedback. I now have a 2k-5k+ recommendation from this forum, which is right where I expected. I'm happy the range isn't 2-2.5k at this point. I know it's a bitsa car, has a small amount of remaining rust, and that I would lose money. The real question has been how much from the day I went to go get it. That said it is cleaner than 95% of any 80s cars remaining on the road up here, and if not see-through, old cars can do pretty well up here.

This one clearly isn't getting shipped to California to compete with the market there, and isn't unique enough to even go to Chicago. It will likely sell to a local buyer who sees it for what it is, but sees it.

My e30 sold this week to the first looker with less information, so I know that simply getting it out there can generate an interested party to come have a look.

I don't recommend buying THIS car without personally seeing it, due to the above statements and information.

I was simply having fun with the ad, and I enjoyed writing it, whether or not you enjoyed reading it. The stripped down version can be found on c-list.

Still no more pics; I will strive to take more when the sun shines again here. Apologies for lack of visual aids for my story, but if you know someone up here who is looking for a slow automatic e28 runner, it will be worth their while to give a shout to see this car.

I now need to check my PMs for the "more pics needed" emails.

Peace and e28s friends, I'd have a beer and elbow bump with pretty much anyone on this forum, and I hope my astoundingly scattered brain wouldn't keep anyone from a clink and drink.

Thank you.
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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by stuartinmn »

matt_wheels wrote: Mar 27, 2021 9:54 PM
Peace and e28s friends, I'd have a beer and elbow bump with pretty much anyone on this forum, and I hope my astoundingly scattered brain wouldn't keep anyone from a clink and drink.
In non-covid times there's a group of assorted vintage BMW owners that meets in the parking lot at the north end of Lake Calhoun on the first Tuesday of each month. It's been on hiatus, but hopefully will resume this summer - if and when I hear something, I'll post it up.
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Re: FOR SALE 1986 Cosmos Blue/Pearl 528e in MN $5000

Post by matt_wheels »

Thanks Stuartinmn!

I've seen a few nice examples while running around here, and would love to see/chat/beers at Calhoun.

Hopefully the vaccines get out asap!

Enjoy spring
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