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FS: 1985 528eA Socal

Posted: Jan 02, 2021 1:35 PM
by doug
The car was purchased from the original (I think) owner in January 2001. We’ve put about 96000 miles on it since then. It went from being our primary transportation to my wife’s around town car, and now we feel it’s time for her to have something newer.
  • Blue-plated California car with zero rust and no accidents
  • Garage-kept for past 20 years
  • Runs great and very reliable
  • E39 15” Style 29 wheels. Tires in very good condition.
  • No shimmies or shakes. A smooth, comfortable driver
  • Gets decent mileage (20 in the city, close to 30 on the highway if you’re careful)
  • Near-new factory windshield and gasket
  • Perfect crack-free dash with dash mat
  • Euro headlights
  • Clean interior with 535i steering column and steering wheel and custom (Bavauto) rubber floor mats
  • Keyless central locking
  • Complete 535i toolkit
  • Single-stage alpinweiss paint is holding up well
  • Includes Thule roof rack with wind deflector, and a lot of spare parts (spare H1/H4 headlights, ICV, windshield wipers inserts, spare cylinder head, etc, and a not-too-bad but a bit rusty on the inside euro front bumper with brackets and euro turn signals that I never got around to installing).
  • Has always easily passed smog test
  • E46 manual front seats in front. Driver’s seat is just starting to split a little bit. Cloth rear set with no tears. Interior has been switched from beige to black, but we kept the door cards as-is for a little contrast. I think I have some decent black cards though.
  • 248k miles
  • Gas gauge is extremely optimistic
  • Temperature gauge only seems to work in the summer
  • Leaks both engine oil and transmission fluid. Not enough to be noticeable on the dipstick between oil changes, but enough to get the pan wet enough that I need to clean it up every week or so. At one point I was thinking of replacing the head gasket in hopes of solving the engine oil leak, but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. I bought the parts, which are included with the car. I think the rear seal is leaking on the transmission. I keep an eye on the fluid and put a little in every 6 months to a year (guessing).
  • Some dings, particularly as shown in photos. Some on the roof from the roof rack (damned bikes! – my fault) and one on the hood from the kayak whose strap broke and fell into the bike stand which got knocked over and hit the car (not my fault)
  • Some small tears in headliner over right C-pillar
  • Has fairly new A/C compressor running R134a, but needs a can of refrigerant once in a while. And cools about as good as an e28 A/C running R134a. A lot better than nothing, but not totally adequate.
This has been a fantastic car for our family and we’ll be sad to see it go.



Re: FS: 1985 528eA Socal

Posted: Jan 02, 2021 10:47 PM
by cek

I'd wax that.


Re: FS: 1985 528eA Socal

Posted: Jan 13, 2021 10:49 AM
by doug
Bump. Replacement car is on the way, so need to find a new home for this.