1988 BMW 535i e28 - $5000 OBO - San Diego, CA

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1988 BMW 535i e28 - $5000 OBO - San Diego, CA

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For sale is an all-original, automatic 1988 BMW 535i e28. Listed for 5k to weed out lowballers. Willing to negotiate on price, however I'm not in any hurry to sell it and I know what I have, so please make a fair offer. California car, no bad rust that I know of. Would be willing to trade for a Volvo XC70 in decent shape.

I've already been driving this car a couple times a week since I bought her, and she's loads of fun. I bought it to restore and make my daily. I'm bummed to be selling her and would not be if times were better with this COVID situation and work.

The car runs well and is in pretty good shape for its age. All electronics work (power locks, windows, sunroof, radio, etc), and no tears in the leather. Transmission shifts very smooth.

Cosmetic Issues: Needs new logos front/rear. Paint isn't in great shape, especially on the roof (see photos). It is the original paint and the PO didn't keep the car covered. Small dent in driver's side door. (see photos) Driver's side door handle plastic broke, replacement is $35. Small dent in driver's side door. (see photos) Dash has some cracks from the sun. (see photos)

Quirks: The passenger door key slot appears to have old key broken inside of it. Easy fix. Radio is locked with passcode, PO didn't remember it. Just need to pull the unit and give a dealer the serial number.The lock button on the automatic shifting lever is stuck up, so you have to be careful with it. Replacement is like $30.

Engine: Has a slightly rough/low idle on cold start, but once warm it's super smooth. When you first start the car after it's been cold, you have to give the engine a rev and then it idles. I had my BMW mechanic friend look at it (the "I'm your friend but I don't work for free, but I'll help a bit" special) and we replaced a few things (vacuum hoses, fuel pressure regulator), but it's still quirky. We checked the spark plugs and they were a good color with no signs/smells of any head gasket damage or oil in the cylinders, so the engine itself is good... She just needs some TLC. As I said though, once you're driving she seems to be fine.

I was going to restore this stuff before I fell on rough times, but I just can't afford to throw parts at it right now, my loss is your gain. Shes a wonderful car with a great attitude, I'm gonna miss her.

Here's the CL post if ya'll wanna see the pics: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto ... 11750.html
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Re: 1988 BMW 535i e28 - $5000 OBO - San Diego, CA

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Still for sale?
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Re: 1988 BMW 535i e28 - $5000 OBO - San Diego, CA

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is your car still available. Please let me know.

Thank you
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