84 533i in Pittsburgh, PA

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84 533i in Pittsburgh, PA

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Delphin over beige leather. 233+k.
It's time to part ways with my e28 Greta. She has been sadly hibernating in my garage.
With some effort, she can be a fun daily again. I got her in 2009, got her on the road and dailied her in the summers. But it's been 4 or 5 years since she's been on the road. Not currently running, I got half way through a head gasket/valve adjustment, got sidetracked, and lost interest.
Just need it out of my garage. Body in decent shape. I just finished painting her before going on the back burner. I never cut and polished it out, was going to do it when she was ready to get back on the road.

This group has been awesome. Anybody that wants her and can tow/trailer her out, throw me a number and come get her.
Save her from going to the scrapper.
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Re: 84 533i in Pittsburgh, PA

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